Corporate, Business and Bespoke Events in South Africa

Why choose Tiso Blackstar Events?

We are a dedicated team that aims to create, host and manage some of the most memorable and remarkable business and corporate events in South Africa. These events are created with the objective of generating meaningful connections between sponsors and attendees that can lead to long lasting business relationships.

We have also seen a major shift in the marketing space which is the surge in the popularity of hosting, sponsoring or tailoring an event. This is largely due to the way that events provide lead generation, sales and brand awareness in a very effective way.

Benefits of events for sponsors

We provide turnkey event solutions that allow sponsors to be able to host their own events with ease. These solutions include pre-event marketing through our leading media titles, complete on-the-day event management, post-event communications and everything in between.

Sponsorship of a relevant event increases brand loyalty, creates brand awareness and visibility in the right contexts, can entrench a certain image that the brand wants to establish within its target audience and drive sales. There are also other opportunities for sampling products or services, encouraging trials and providing a platform for consumers to experience the brand.

Corporate, Business and Bespoke Events in South Africa
Corporate, Business and Bespoke Events in South Africa

Benefits of events for attendees

Our events are created with the goal of providing our attendees with the best experience and insights possible. We aim to provide guests with relevant discussions that provide meaningful contributions to a person's work or personal life.

At our events, we try to provide multiple opportunities for attendees to grow their networks, create powerful connections and gain valuable industry relevant information.

Event Sectors

We create, manage and tailor events for any industry

Business and Leadership

Events that are dedicated to the business sector and insights from the leaders of South Africa's various industries.

Finance and Investment

Bringing together thought leaders in the finance and investment industry to open fascinating dialogue and interactions.

Media and Marketing

Find new ways to reach customers through sharing in the wealth of knowledge from the media and marketing industry.

Public Sector

With a focus on the public sector and its impact, these events aim to give insights and valuable knowledge to all attendees.


Host a wide variety of events such as food tastings, exclusive experiences and networking opportunities.

Tailored Events

Create and host events that are created and personalised with your customers and clients in mind.