28 June 2019

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In association with Sunday Times Top 100 Companies, futured by BCX, SA’s biggest board meeting, The Directors Event will convene on 28 June 2019.  For the fifth year, SA leaders from all spheres will tackle the country’s most pressing issues through hard-hitting roundtable discussions moderated by leading media personalities.  With 2019 being South Africa’s general election year, it is an especially exciting time to be exploring policies, possibilities, and joint visions and ventures that are geared towards propelling us into a rewarding and sustainable future for all.


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This May, South Africa heads towards its sixth General Elections in which the ruling party for the next parliamentary term will be determined. With this in mind, and in the context of the President’s State of the Nation Address: analysts are predicting that while the first quarter of 2019 will continue on its slow downward trend, South Africa will likely experience a positive economic turnaround with some of the structural impediments to economic growth becoming unlocked post-election.

According to the World Bank, South Africa can expect 1.3% growth in 2019 – a modest, though improved outlook when compared to the Treasury’s 0.7% forecast that was given in October 2018.

During his SONA address President Ramaphosa touched on the World Bank ranking, which places South Africa as the 82nd out of 190 high-performing economies. The President further stated that our goal as a country should be to open up the economy for all South Africans, and to enter the Top 50 mark in the next three years.

We believe that the upcoming elections will go a long way towards achieving South Africa’s economic goals by way of assuring certainty on key economic policies that will open up markets and encourage foreign investment. We would also like to echo the President’s sentiment that a healthier environment for young South African entrepreneurs and small enterprise is critical in our continued building of a robust economy.

The Directors Event calls on thought-leaders in the business and public sector environments to join us for stimulative round-table discussions on critical issues such as improving our labour market; reducing the cost of doing business in SA; promoting healthy competition across all economic sectors; and the development of policies that are designed to create the South Africa that we all deserve.

The fourth industrial revolution has been knocking on our door for quite some time with countries such as the US, UK and Sweden pioneering the digitisation of work environments; workforce skills; technological equipment (infrastructure); benefitting each country’s socioeconomic and cultural environments through such development.

With South Africa currently housing 75% of the continent’s largest companies it is imperative that we persistently seek to lead the continent towards economic breakthrough by ensuring that we are on par with global competitors when it comes to the digital optimisation of industries across the board.

There are many technologies at our disposal that, if used correctly, would make an incredible contribution towards achieving seamless processes and functionalities between systems, customers, company stakeholders and employees in order to create an efficiently connected and inclusive business environment.

Taking into account that innovative digital solutions and the optimum harnessing of data to drive sound business decisions, strong continuity campaigns, inclusive growth and effective communication between customers and organisations are currently and largely the only way to ensure success – right now is definitely as good a time as any to bring businesses and public services together to discuss ways in which South Africa can better position itself in becoming a winner in the digital era’s fourth most pivotal evolution.

Out of South Africa’s 57,7 million people, more than half (about 29,4 million) are female, and over a third (20,6 million) are young people between 15 to 34 years old; as detailed in a mid-2018 report by Stats SA. When one considers South Africa’s record-high unemployment rates; with our youth being the most affected as they continue to struggle with access education, availability of jobs, and insufficient skills training among other pressures, it becomes clear that a significant portion of the country’s population is in economic distress.

For the past four years The Director’s Event – a space for thought-leaders across various industries and arms of government to come together with the common goal of securing a healthy future for all South Africans – the issues of quality education, financial literacy, business skills training, mentorship, and financing opportunities have taken center stage as we have sought to find solutions for the future of our youth and for the country’s socioeconomic development.

Let’s talk about ways to improve the employment market and to encourage a thriving environment for micro-business in the era of artificial Intelligence, digital transformation, StartUp ecosystems, private-public sector partnerships and more.


2019 speakers to be announced soon!




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