Differentiating brands in today’s cluttered environment has become one of the greatest challenges facing companies and marketers, who need to find a space where their brand can not only be seen and heard, but also where their target audience will find relevance and value.

Tailored events provide companies with a number of opportunities to engage with their audience, share memorable experiences and enhance business relationships; while simultaneously creating increased brand awareness.

Tiso Blackstar Events hosts regular tailor-made, thought-leadership events where companies and brands can align themselves with well-respected media titles that enhance their brand value. Our expert turnkey process provides converged offerings from initial discussions through to execution and evaluation of the event.

Interested in your own tailored event?

Tailor-made, thought-leadership events for companies to create a connection with their future stakeholders in an interactive networking environment.

Or contact Melissa de Agrela directly using the below details

DeAgrelaM@tisoblackstar.co.za | 011 280 3255

Our Tailor-made Process

We start by discussing the core objective of what your brand wishes to achieve from this tailored event. We'll ensure to ask the right questions in order to set the tone for our partnership and develop a road map for effective engagement and communication.
Next, our team works on aligning the event with your objectives to fulfil your unique vision. This is where the logistical planning begins and the strategy for the event is determined.
From strategy, we then develop and produce the creative elements that tie it all together, and use various Tiso Blackstar Group platforms to market to your target audience.
After thoughtful, efficient planning, our team of event project management experts ensure everything runs smoothly and your brand shines. We organise, execute and manage each component of your tailored event so that you can focus on enjoying spending time with your key stakeholders!
Our partnership does not end when the event is over. During this final stage we will provide a full detailed report capturing the important aspects of the partnership, while also looking to the future and strengthening our relationship.