Capitec Bank Holdings Ltd has, for the second year running, been announced as the Sunday Times Top 100 Company of the Year, based on its share performance on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) over the past five years. Capitec CEO, Gerrie Fourie was also celebrated as Business Leader of the Year at the 2019 Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards gala dinner which was held at The Empire Venue in Parktown.

Author and entrepreneur GG Alcock delivered the keynote address, with Bruce Whitfield as the master of ceremonies.

The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies, futured by BCX, is one of the most prestigious and highly-anticipated events on the South African business calendar, where industry leaders come together to celebrate the JSE-listed companies that have delivered the highest returns for their shareholders – based on an initial investment of R10,000 – during the period 1 September 2014 to the end of August 2019. To qualify, companies are also required to hold a minimum market capitalisation of R5 Billion at 31 August 2019.

Over the five-year period, Capitec Bank Holdings Ltd (JSE: CPI) showed an annual compound growth rate of 40.9%. This means that R10,000 invested in 2014 would have delivered R55,491 in 2019. Capitec has also been the recipient of the Sunday Times Top 100 Company Award on three previous occasions: 2010, 2012, and 2018.

Transaction Capital (JSE: TCP) and Clicks Group Ltd (JSE: CLS) placed second and third respectively. Equites Property Fund Ltd (JSE: EQU) came in fourth position, with Naspers Ltd (JSE: NPN) taking fifth spot. All Sunday Times Top 100 Companies results were verified by Deloitte.

Capitec Bank Holdings Ltd CEO, Gerrie Fourie, was the recipient of the 2019 Business Leader of the Year Award, as decided by the CEO’s of Sunday Times Top 100 Companies from previous years. Fourie joins an elite list of former recipients including Lesetja Kganyago, Pravin Gordhan, Johan van Zyl, Michael Jordaan and Phuthuma Nhleko, amongst others.

“It is the ultimate accolade to be selected by one’s peers for such a prestigious award, and Gerrie Fourie is very deserving. His commitment to the Capitec brand is only surpassed by his determination to accelerate growth in South Africa, in order to stimulate employment opportunities. We’re proud to recognise him for his grit and determination, and the leadership he provides,” says Sunday Times editor, Bongani Siqoko.

The winners of the inaugural BCX Digital Innovation Awards were also announced at the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards event. The BCX Digital Innovation Awards ‘honour South African organisations that have taken up the flag to transform their businesses through technological advancements and digital transformation.’ The winner in the SME category is iiDENTIFii.

Old Mutual Ltd was announced as the overall winner in the Corporate category.

Mercedes-Benz was the exclusive vehicle sponsor, with Rupert & Rothschild as the pouring sponsor for the Awards.

The results of the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies will be published in the newspaper on 10 November 2019.

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The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Methodology

The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies awards acknowledge those listed companies that have created wealth and value for shareholders.

The methodology for the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies was changed this year to focus on larger enterprises. This year, companies with a minimum market capitalisation of R5bn at 31 August 2019, and a track record of five years trading from 1 September 2014 were included.

Selected companies that met the aforementioned criteria but are no longer listed on the JSE, or the share is suspended at 31 August 2019, were excluded from the analysis.

The executive management of Tiso Blackstar Group SE have also considered certain subjective qualifying criteria, relating to the Top 100 Companies’ perceived compliance with good governance and ethical conduct.

The share performance analysis assumes an initial investment of R10,000 at the closing price on August 30 2014 and held for a period of five years from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2019, and the companies are ranked based on the compound annual growth rate (“CAGR”) over the five year period.

This analysis assumes that a fraction of a share can be purchased. Corporate actions during the review period were adjusted for as follows:

Ordinary and special dividends: The gross dividend per share is assumed to be reinvested in the company on the dividend payment date at that date’s closing share price.

Scrip dividends: Assumed that the cash option was elected and that the gross dividend is reinvested in the company as described above.

Capitalisation issue: Shares received are held until the end of the review period.

Unbundling: The shares in NewCo received are assumed to be received on the last date to trade and are tracked separately. The compound annual growth rate is calculated based on the basket of shares held at the end of the period as a result of the original R10 000 investment.

Share split/consolidation: Share price data was adjusted for these corporate events. Companies that undertook this corporate action did not declare any form of dividend during the review period and therefore no further adjustment was required.

Rights issue: Assumed that rights are not taken up and lapse, therefore no adjustment made.

The data has been sourced through IRESS and the calculations have been verified by Deloitte.

Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Ranked Below

TickerNameMarket cap as at 30 Aug 2019Total returnCAGREnd value of portfolio
1CPI SJ EquityCAPITEC BANK HOLDINGS LTD126,599,992,400454.9%40.9%55,490.56
2TCP SJ EquityTRANSACTION CAPITAL13,567,659,400287.6%31.1%38,757.09
3CLS SJ EquityCLICKS GROUP LTD52,154,604,400216.8%25.9%31,683.90
4EQU SJ EquityEQUITES PROPERTY FUND LTD11,535,312,600177.5%22.6%27,746.74
5NPN SJ EquityNASPERS LTD-N SHS1,518,163,335,300166.3%21.6%26,634.17
6MIX SJ EquityMIX TELEMATICS LTD5,243,109,900143.4%19.5%24,338.14
7PSG SJ EquityPSG GROUP LTD46,562,662,200128.8%18.0%22,883.90
8AMS SJ EquityANGLO AMERICAN PLATINUM LTD250,953,577,800122.1%17.3%22,207.39
9IAP SJ EquityINVESTEC AUSTRALIA PROPERTY8,447,028,100111.2%16.1%21,124.33
10CSB SJ EquityCASHBUILD LTD5,954,822,100110.5%16.0%21,046.47
11MNP SJ EquityMONDI PLC143,353,374,50098.2%14.7%19,821.36
12BVT SJ EquityBIDVEST GROUP LTD60,593,356,90097.9%14.6%19,785.80
13ANG SJ EquityANGLOGOLD ASHANTI LTD144,230,508,20094.0%14.2%19,404.60
14GFI SJ EquityGOLD FIELDS LTD75,289,567,80090.5%13.8%19,053.38
15FFA SJ EquityFORTRESS REIT LTD-A25,119,108,56388.0%13.5%18,800.93
16STP SJ EquitySTENPROP LTD5,826,115,91284.8%13.1%18,480.54
17NHM SJ EquityNORTHAM PLATINUM LTD40,094,292,30084.1%13.0%18,414.89
18HAR SJ EquityHARMONY GOLD MINING CO LTD30,056,164,80078.1%12.2%17,806.22
19TKG SJ EquityTELKOM SA SOC LTD40,691,874,40077.0%12.1%17,699.06
20ITE SJ EquityITALTILE LTD18,392,608,90175.5%11.9%17,552.87
21AVI SJ EquityAVI LTD27,827,342,30075.2%11.9%17,523.44
22FSR SJ EquityFIRSTRAND LTD336,513,185,20072.9%11.6%17,288.49
23KIO SJ EquityKUMBA IRON ORE LTD126,573,346,10071.9%11.4%17,190.41
24VKE SJ EquityVUKILE PROPERTY FUND LTD17,900,562,50069.2%11.1%16,923.18
25SBK SJ EquitySTANDARD BANK GROUP LTD287,025,637,00063.6%10.3%16,362.77
26TFG SJ EquityTHE FOSCHINI GROUP LTD35,631,900,50061.3%10.0%16,126.61
27RMH SJ EquityRMB HOLDINGS LTD100,866,194,90060.0%9.9%15,997.97
28SNT SJ EquitySANTAM LTD32,812,453,80059.8%9.8%15,978.65
29SPP SJ EquitySPAR GROUP LIMITED/THE33,480,067,40058.5%9.6%15,850.35
30JSE SJ EquityJSE LTD11,207,210,40055.8%9.3%15,582.41
31ARL SJ EquityASTRAL FOODS LTD6,816,480,10055.0%9.2%15,501.27
32ADH SJ EquityADVTECH LTD6,061,937,30049.5%8.4%14,948.96
33IPF SJ EquityINVESTEC PROPERTY FUND LTD10,654,130,70042.4%7.3%14,239.22
34BHP SJ EquityBHP GROUP PLC691,217,736,67641.6%7.2%14,156.92
35KAP SJ EquityKAP INDUSTRIAL HOLDINGS LTD14,169,679,10040.5%7.0%14,047.99
36AGL SJ EquityANGLO AMERICAN PLC452,855,781,61440.1%7.0%14,013.50
37EXX SJ EquityEXXARO RESOURCES LTD48,845,098,70037.2%6.5%13,715.96
38KST SJ EquityPSG KONSULT LTD11,061,165,00036.5%6.4%13,652.65
39RLO SJ EquityREUNERT LTD11,929,287,60036.0%6.3%13,599.49
40EMI SJ EquityEMIRA PROPERTY FUND LTD6,705,820,80035.3%6.2%13,530.45
41GRT SJ EquityGROWTHPOINT PROPERTIES LTD68,332,569,60034.1%6.0%13,412.46
42SLM SJ EquitySANLAM LTD170,477,842,90033.3%5.9%13,326.93
43PAN SJ EquityPAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC5,921,922,00033.0%5.9%13,301.32
44BAW SJ EquityBARLOWORLD LTD23,570,592,00031.6%5.6%13,161.12
45ASR SJ EquityASSORE LTD42,922,172,10028.8%5.2%12,876.02
46AFX SJ EquityAFRICAN OXYGEN LTD6,857,058,20027.7%5.0%12,766.89
47ABG SJ EquityABSA GROUP LTD130,290,801,90026.9%4.9%12,690.11
48NED SJ EquityNEDBANK GROUP LTD112,334,099,10026.9%4.9%12,687.76
49CFR SJ EquityFINANCIERE RICHEMONT-DEP REC617,839,200,00026.2%4.8%12,618.88
50CLI SJ EquityCLIENTELE LTD5,361,603,40025.4%4.6%12,537.79
51DSY SJ EquityDISCOVERY LTD75,815,344,10025.0%4.6%12,501.76
52AIP SJ EquityADCOCK INGRAM HOLDINGS LTD10,150,074,20024.7%4.5%12,468.10
53DTC SJ EquityDATATEC LTD7,152,978,20024.5%4.5%12,447.87
54RDF SJ EquityREDEFINE PROPERTIES LTD45,476,488,20024.3%4.4%12,426.25
55RES SJ EquityRESILIENT REIT LTD25,188,262,40023.9%4.4%12,388.59
56ARI SJ EquityAFRICAN RAINBOW MINERALS LTD36,788,999,40022.9%4.2%12,292.67
57ANH SJ EquityANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV SA/NV2,440,215,933,11922.5%4.1%12,246.74
58VOD SJ EquityVODACOM GROUP LTD211,656,871,40019.3%3.6%11,928.66
59OMU SJ EquityOLD MUTUAL LTD87,880,707,60018.9%3.5%11,894.70
60GTR SJ EquityGRIT REAL ESTATE INCOME GROU5,361,930,60016.2%3.0%11,618.57
61PIK SJ EquityPICK N PAY STORES LTD28,521,428,60015.5%2.9%11,550.00
62LBH SJ EquityLIBERTY HOLDINGS LTD31,376,366,20014.0%2.7%11,402.46
63FFB SJ EquityFORTRESS REIT LTD-B11,755,810,34513.7%2.6%11,374.74
64SAP SJ EquitySAPPI LIMITED24,782,977,60010.0%1.9%11,003.02
65DGH SJ EquityDISTELL GROUP HOLDINGS LTD28,909,706,3009.8%1.9%10,982.55
66OCE SJ EquityOCEANA GROUP LTD9,486,830,8007.2%1.4%10,720.32
67PFG SJ EquityPIONEER FOODS GROUP LTD23,401,197,4006.1%1.2%10,613.16
68BTI SJ EquityBRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO PLC1,314,837,493,1054.9%1.0%10,493.15
69INL SJ EquityINVESTEC LTD25,541,078,1433.8%0.7%10,376.64
70HYP SJ EquityHYPROP INVESTMENTS LTD16,840,418,1003.2%0.6%10,319.98
71AFE SJ EquityAECI LTD11,085,228,3002.7%0.5%10,269.05
72RNI SJ EquityREINET INVESTMENTS SCA49,655,440,7002.3%0.5%10,230.27
73INP SJ EquityINVESTEC PLC54,823,466,9932.2%0.4%10,215.00
74MSP SJ EquityMAS REAL ESTATE INC10,253,855,1002.0%0.4%10,201.40
75RMI SJ EquityRAND MERCHANT INVESTMENT HOL45,372,146,1001.4%0.3%10,136.18
76MRP SJ EquityMR PRICE GROUP LTD44,132,180,868-2.1%-0.4%9,792.15
77AEL SJ EquityALLIED ELECTRONICS COR-A SHR9,510,047,900-2.9%-0.6%9,713.62
78HPB SJ EquityHOSPITALITY PROPERTY FUND LT5,139,790,900-7.2%-1.5%9,284.14
79IMP SJ EquityIMPALA PLATINUM HOLDINGS LTD69,076,502,000-8.4%-1.7%9,157.84
80SPG SJ EquitySUPER GROUP LTD10,625,122,900-8.6%-1.8%9,140.30
81TRU SJ EquityTRUWORTHS INTERNATIONAL LTD23,326,303,700-8.9%-1.8%9,110.50
82SGL SJ EquitySIBANYE GOLD LTD55,723,510,500-10.2%-2.1%8,979.93
83ZED SJ EquityZEDER INVESTMENTS LTD8,061,341,900-10.7%-2.2%8,934.01
84TBS SJ EquityTIGER BRANDS LTD39,656,970,000-12.7%-2.7%8,726.09
85SHP SJ EquitySHOPRITE HOLDINGS LTD66,815,337,300-13.0%-2.7%8,701.59
86THA SJ EquityTHARISA PLC5,872,500,000-13.4%-2.8%8,659.27
87FBR SJ EquityFAMOUS BRANDS LTD7,892,588,500-13.6%-2.9%8,638.35
88IPL SJ EquityIMPERIAL LOGISTICS LTD11,078,422,700-14.5%-3.1%8,553.45
89TSG SJ EquityTSOGO SUN GAMING LTD14,661,578,700-14.5%-3.1%8,552.89
90COH SJ EquityCURRO HOLDINGS LTD7,928,572,900-15.0%-3.2%8,503.08
91HCI SJ EquityHOSKEN CONS INVESTMENTS LTD8,724,259,500-15.2%-3.3%8,475.65
92WHL SJ EquityWOOLWORTHS HOLDINGS LTD57,854,358,100-15.3%-3.3%8,468.85
93GLN SJ EquityGLENCORE PLC597,031,581,200-15.6%-3.3%8,438.06
94WBO SJ EquityWILSON BAYLY HOLMES-OVCON5,999,831,700-16.5%-3.5%8,352.63
95AFH SJ EquityALEXANDER FORBES GROUP HOLDI6,735,498,100-20.9%-4.6%7,912.07
96REM SJ EquityREMGRO LTD90,871,852,271-21.5%-4.7%7,847.91
97MTM SJ EquityMOMENTUM METROPOLITAN HOLDIN24,618,494,900-22.5%-5.0%7,750.57
98RCL SJ EquityRCL FOODS LTD/SOUTH AFRICA9,597,195,900-28.7%-6.5%7,130.80
99CCO SJ EquityCAPITAL & COUNTIES PROPERTIE32,358,004,100-34.0%-8.0%6,601.09
100LHC SJ EquityLIFE HEALTHCARE GROUP HOLDIN33,470,234,400-38.1%-9.2%6,187.05