What is exactly is meant by the term “event marketing”?

Event marketing is a term that is commonly used to refer to the creation and use of a display, exhibit, activation or promotion that promotes a particular companies brand, product, service, cause or campaign. This promotion can be done through either sponsoring, participating or hosting an event which is geared towards a relevant target audience. By using events, brands are able to leverage the opportunity of interacting with potential clients and stakeholders in a face-to-face environment with all of those in the room being highly likely to be in the relevant market.

Why is event marketing so important?

Event marketing is such an important tool for companies to leverage as it allows the opportunity for beneficial relationships and awareness to be generated. With the world swiftly moving towards a very impersonal buying process, events allow brands to have a more personal touch that other marketing techniques do not. This personal touch is the ability for brands to communicate directly to current and potential customers in a two-way conversation as opposed to the now, almost normal, one-way communication from brand to customer. By giving your customer the ability to communicate with your brand you will be able to generate trust as well as answer any questions that a customer may have which are preventing them completing their purchase.

The Impact of Event Marketing

By using events, your company or brand has an opportunity to leave a powerful impression of what you do, how you do it and why a potential customer should use your product or service. A well designed exhibit or activation is one that allows attendees to engage, feel and use your product or service which will hopefully result in the attendee realizing how much your product or service will benefit them.